Butter Tart Squares

Us Canadians love butter tarts – ooey, gooey and oh so delicious! In fact, we’re so obsessed that we even have a festival dedicated to their very existence. Check out our recent blog post in case you don’t believe us! There’s never an occasion where a Butter Tart won’t be the perfect accompaniment, but lets be honest, they can be a little messy. That’s why our baking maestro Alie Romano at BakingForFriends.com came up with this genius alternative: Butter Tart Squares!

“Instead of making a mess, these butter tart squares are more manageable, travel easily, and are a crowd pleaser, just like the classic butter tart (they are also a lot easier to make than the individual tarts)!”

Sounds like a winner!

Butter tart square

Photo courtesy of BakingForFriends.com

If you’d like to know how to create these gorgeous little squares for yourself, head on over to the BakingForFriends.com blog for the full recipe.

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