Candy Bar Caramelitas

Halloween is a funny time of year for many people; the odd holiday that marks the official end of Summer without the excitement of embracing┬áthe coziness Christmas, (just yet!). But love it or hate it, there are certainly some fun traditions that go alongside it. One of those is “Trick or Treat” – lots of fun for kids and adults alike. Homemade candies were popular many years ago, but due to safety and allergy concerns, pre-packaged items are the accepted standard nowadays. But what if you run out of candy, or forget to buy some in?! The Brunette Baker asked┬áher community what the strangest item they saw being given out on All Hallow’s Eve…and we couldn’t believe our eyes at some of the answers! Here’s some of our favourites…

Organic Rice Tea Bag
A chocolate Easter chick
Mini bottle of hair gel
Tequila filled chocolate
Ramen noodles
Saltine crackers
Expired pouch of hot chocolate mix
A can of Fresca
Unfrozen ice pops/freezies
Half a pack of cough drops
Real estate company jot pad
Mardi Gras beads
Tennis ball
A paintbrush
Cheetos that expired in 2014
Malt soy drink box
Pack of Pop Tarts with one taken out
Fortune cookies
A math sheet that was ripped out of a colouring book
Delta Airline cookies
Real estate flyers
A dish sponge
Body building power gel
Restaurant mints
A four leaf clover keyring
Jesus Loves You stickers
A light bulb (a light bulb?)
Used nail polish


Yep, seriously!! Now, we don’t know about you – but we’re gonna pass on the out-of-date chips and indulge in some of this instead!


Photo courtesy of The Brunette Baker

These Candy Bar Caramelitas were made using our Stirling Creamery Farmhouse butter; find the full breakdown of ingredients and step by step guide to making this recipe over on The Brunette Baker blog.

Til’ then, Happy Halloween!

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