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rhubarb scones

Rhubarb Scones

In season, local ingredients make the best desserts! We love using fresh and local produce in our recipes, and with rhubarb season coming close to an end, we wanted to make the most of its strong, tart flavour while it was still readily available. While rhubarb is classed as a vegetable, it’s typically treated like a […]

Everything Cookie Dough

Want to have fresh cookies on hand all of the time? Simple! Make this Everything Cookie Dough that goes perfectly with anything laying around your pantry! This dough is made up of all those leftover nuts, bits of chocolate, candy so you never have to throw out a thing: economic, and tasty all at the […]

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The Perfect Pancakes: Top 5 Tips!

Pancakes may be simple to make but many people struggle with getting them just right: normally the problem is they are too flat and dense. There is definitely a knack to getting them light and fluffy – and we’ve got some top tips for you courtesy of BakingForFriends.  Here’s our top five tricks: head on […]

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Crepes with a kick!

Grand Marnier and Peach Filled Crepes Butter is, as always in our eyes, the star in this recipe, however Grand Marnier takes a strong supporting role! Not to ignore our most prominent ingredients of course; peaches and crepes. The flavour combination here is a classic, combining peaches and cream, and with the addition of the […]

Peach Slab Pie

  Make the most of in-season fruit with this delicious slab pie. ‘I like using peaches in pies. It really is one of my favorite fruits so I didn’t mind the substitution although I’m sure apricots would have been just as good. One of my favorite things to do in August is pick peaches at […]





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