Fine Churn84™ Butters

European-Style Butter

Fresh, sweet cream and cold-barrel churning conspire to produce an incomparable European-style butter thathas earned a reputation for great taste and performance. Many European butters have developed consumerrecognition in Canada due to their higher butterfat content and attention to superb flavour. Our Churn84™ family of butters is true to those European sensibilities. We insist that only the freshest cream, careful handlingand slow barrel churning be used to produce our family of Churn84™ butters. Offering a butterfat content thatis even higher than that mandated in Europe, Churn84™ delivers a sweet, creamy flavour that’s noticeably richerand a texture that provides a dense, luxurious mouthful. Combine this with the freshness of a locally produced butter and you have a winning recipe indeed!

Churn84 Salted

Churn84™ Salted 250g Bar

If like us, you enjoy spreading an exceptional butter over a piece of piping hot, crusty bread, we’ve got you gloriously covered. This is one of the best eating butters around, hands down. Serve with pride at your table and watch guests devour those dinner rolls to a chorus of “ohhs!”

Churn84 Unsalted

Churn84™ Unsalted 250g Bar

Experience the delectable, luxurious taste of Old World, European-inspired Churn84™ Unsalted Butter Bars. This is the ideal butter for bakers looking to make croissants, breads, pastries, pies and the best ever butter cookies. Deliciously creamy and easy to spread on all of your finest pastries and breads!

Churn84 Farmhouse

Churn84™ Farmhouse 250g Bar

Sweet whey cream melts on the tongue with a delicious rich finish that lingers on the palate. With a depth of flavour not found in everyday butter, you’ll want a generous dollop of our Farmhouse butter on everything from grilled corn to your just-baked afternoon scone.

Churn84 Organic Salted

Churn84™ Organic Salted 250g Bar

Upfront sweet cream notes melt into a pleasant lightly salty finish. Featuring Canada Certified Organic cream, it exudes a buttery richness that is only attainable with 84% butterfat. If you prefer an organic butter but are unwilling to forego a lightly salted flavour, this organic butter is for you. Special for any and every occasion.

Churn84 Organic Unsalted

Churn84™ Organic Unsalted 250g Bar

Churn 84™ Organic Unsalted Butter is ideal for all of your tabletop, culinary and baking needs. Made with Canada Certified Organic cream, this butter offers a creamery sweetness that’s ideal for crafting fine pastries and or just enjoying out of hand. At 84% butterfat, it’s like getting a European butter that’s proudly all-Canadian!






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