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As it turns out, we’ve got fans from across the land and from all walks of life. The top chefs love our butter, but then so do a lot of budding cooks and homemakers – and there’s nothing quite like the taste of home!

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At Olliffe, we’re proud to have inspired the launch of Churn84™ and of having been the first shop in Toronto to carry Stirling Creamery™ Churn84™ butter. It’s the kind of butter our customers have been asking for and we’re happy to deliver. This European-style butter delivers superior flavour and since it’s a Canadian product, we’ve got a whole lot to support, celebrate and feel good about.

Sam and Ben Gundy, Owners
Olliffe-Purveyor of the Finest Meats

Stirling Creamery™’s butters are outstanding. It’s wonderful to be able to use such high quality local, artisanal products. What can I say? I’m very impressed. Of course, Stirling has long been recognized for its craftsmanship, with Saveur Magazine highlighting the Stirling Creamery™ Unsalted Butter in its “World’s 30 Great Butters” list. For Ruby Watchco and Ruby eats, I have used the Stirling Creamery™ Salted Butter to make our Brown Butter Tarts with Fried Raisins and Hush Puppies with Honey Butter, the Stirling Creamery™ European Style Butter (84 Reserve) to make our Maple Blonde Brownies, the Stirling Creamery™ Whey Butter to finish our Poached Shrimp and in which to sear our Vanilla Pound Cake with Lemon Curd, and the Stirling Creamery™ Goat’s Milk Butter for our Beet Tartar and to make the frosting for our much-loved Dark Chocolate Cupcake. Quite the mouthful. It’s fun to have such interesting and top-notch products with which to cook, but when all’s said and done, I love nothing more than butter on bread… lots of butter!

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Chef Lora Kirk
Ruby Watchco.

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I love the variety of butters Stirling Creamery™ offers! As a chef, I’m always looking for the best ingredients and sometimes certain dishes require specific complimentary fats; olive oils, butter or even beef or pork fat. With the variety of butters that Stirling Creamery™ has to offer, I can actually start with the butter and fit ingredients around it to compliment its flavours!

Executive Chef Rob Gentile
BUCA Osteria and Enoteca

What is better than pure Ontario butter? Nothing! I used the Stirling Creamery™ Whey Butter for shortbread and the results were excellent- they were bursting with a rich, buttery taste. I chose the whey butter as I wanted a pronounced buttery flavour and I prefer using salted butter in shortbread. I highly recommend it for baking where you are looking for loads of buttery flavour!

Adell Shneer
Food and Recipe Development Professional and Baking Expert

Nettie Cronish

Stirling Creamery™ Salted Butter elevated our grilled cheese sandwiches. Everyone noted the depth of flavour and even browning of the bread. I added salted butter to my pasta- rapini- chickpea main course and loved the way the greens absorbed the salted butter and glistened in the bowl. No need for salt as a garnish and the extra butter added a glossy sheen to the dish that made it even more attractive. Stirling Creamery™ Unsalted Butter- I made the best roux of my life for my mushroom moussaka. I could not believe how smooth and creamy the roux turned out. It baked beautifully and browned so evenly when placed under the broiler for a few minutes.

Nettie Cronish
Culinary Instructor, Cookbook Author & Vegetarian Expert

One taste of the Churn84™ European Style butter and I was right back in England!

Charmian Christie
Food Writer and Recipe Developer

The simple pleasures of one’s childhood are always so wonderful to re-discover. Having grown up in the Belleville area and somewhat of a foodie, I was thrilled to find the Churn84™ European Style butter from Stirling Creamery™ in my local meat shop; Stirling Creamery™ butter was always a staple in my mother’s fridge when I was a child. Great lashes of butter on our hot toast was so delicious, as it is today. Now I’ve continued the tradition, this butter is a staple in my fridge.

Judy Hume
Consumer, Toronto, ON

I bought a package of your Churn84™ butter last week at Longo’s and it is fantastic. I have been searching for a long time for a butter that tastes like the butter in Germany or France. I have tried so many butters, including those from Poland and Israel that are available at Starsky’s, but they were a disappointment. Last time I flew home from Europe, the passenger next to me didn’t use his butter and I asked him if I could have it (I think he thought I was crazy and he definitely was not a butter lover). Because of Churn84™ my husband will no longer have to bring back butter for me from Germany or Switzerland. Thank you very much,

   Anne G.






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