Fine Foodservice Butters


From savoury to sweet, we’ve carefully crafted our flavoured butters to suit just about every menu category. One taste and you’ll know what we mean when we say Stirling Creamery™ is the better butter.

Stirling Creamery Flavoured Medallions


We bring the world of flavours to you in our buttery Medallions!  Simple, elegant, and versatile, our Medallions are perfect for back-of-the-house use as a protein or vegetable topper.  And since butter is the ultimate flavour carrier, our Medallions are a great format for many food processing applications, including seafood and vegetable “steamer” bags, meal kits, and microwaveable dinners!  Our standard flavours are:

  • Salted (15g)
  • Lemon Dill (15g)
  • Herbes de Provence (15g)
  • Lemon Pepper Tarragon (15g)
  • Garlic & Parsley (15g and 25g)

In addition, our expertise makes us uniquely qualified to help you create delicious food that consumers crave.  We can customer the perfect Medallion flavour profile for you.  Imagine your flavour and we’ll create your butter.  It’s that simple!

Stirling Artisan Garlic Butter


Aromatic and luxurious is how we describe our blend of freshly churned Stirling butter and Canadian white porcelain garlic. A sprinkling of toasted onion and hit of parsley for visual appeal are added during the churning process, producing a more robust, fresh flavour. No preservatives and absolutely no artificial ingredients are used.

APPLICATION: Generously spread on bread and broiled, Stirling Artisan Garlic Butter makes superlative garlic bread. Melt it for a decadent seafood dip, brush it on top of hot dinner rolls, and use it to sauté any vegetables or proteins, or anywhere your imagination takes you. We think you’ll agree that it’s the best you’ve never made.

Stirling Cinnamon Brown Sugar Butter


Madagascar cinnamon and the molassesy richness of brown sugar combine to recreate everyone’s fondest childhood flavour. This incredibly versatile butter can be used to top all manner of baked goods, such as toast, scones, biscuits and bagels.

APPLICATION: Try it in baking – apple raisin cake, cinnamon buns or in dessert sauces.In cooking, use it for sautéing apple slices, as a Moroccan chicken rub or in any number of meat dishes where a balanced sweet and savoury hit accentuates the essence of your creations.

Stirling Herbes de Province Butter


Bring out the best in beef and steaks with this savoury and sophisticated blend of basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme.

APPLICATION: A quintessential classic for topping your hot-off-the-grill steaks, our Stirling Creamery™ Herbes de Provence butteris the crowning touch to your well prepared meat. As the medallion slowly melts, the buttery herb blend adds texture, aninimitable flavour and visual appeal to any of your protein-based dishes.

Stirling Lemon Pepper Salmon


We’ve taken our famous, cold barrel-churned butter and blended it with the zesty flavour of fresh lemons, the bite of Malabar black pepper and the spicy anise flavour of French tarragon to create the ultimate flavoured butter. The result is a creamery-fresh blend that instantly elevates any dish with its distinctly delicious flavour profile.

APPLICATION:What could be better than a fresh halibut filet, grilled salmon steak or a seared chicken breast topped with a medallion of Stirling Lemon Pepper Tarragon butter? We think your customers will agree, this butter topper is tops!


All-natural, artisanally crafted butter that eschews colourants or fillers. Our range offers the right butter for your culinary needs- from savoury dishes to pastry applications, we’ve got the better butter.

Chef working with unsalted butter


Pale yellow with a subtle, creamy aroma, this sweet cream, unsalted butter has a rich, silky mouth-feel and a fresh, pure buttery flavour. Creamy, mild and top-rated in Saveur Magazine’s “World’s 30 Great Butters” list.

APPLICATION: the ideal baking butter for crumble-perfect shortbread cookies, flaky pie crusts and exceptional pastries and cakes. This butter will extol the virtues of your baked goods, not mask them. Use in sauces, sautéing and shallow frying.



A shade deeper than its unsalted counterpart, this butter smells of fresh cream and has a pronounced, pleasant salty finish that lingers on the palate. The salted finish gives it a fresh, briny flavour with rich undertones of softly ripened brie.

APPLICATION: there’s no better way to crown a crusty loaf of well made, hot-from-the-oven bread, scone or piping hot pancake. Use in making your butter tarts, salted caramel toffees or caramel sauces, and anywhere else a hit of salt swirled in creamy butter would elevate a dish. We like to apply it liberally when making grilled sandwiches too!

Stirling Churn84 Baker's Sheets


This wonderful butter, which features 84% butterfat butter (the first of its kind in Ontario), is available in 10 kg., 25 kg. and labour-saving 10X2 # sheets.  It has a markedly pronounced dairy flavour, and a rich unsalted profile upfront.

APPLICATION: more butterfat means less water- so this is the ideal butter for bakers looking to make croissants, other viennoiseries and the best-ever butter cookies. A multi-purpose butter that elevates good bread, can be used to make crisp pie shells or in any recipe that calls for a higher fat butter.


Much as you would forego a lacklustre bread basket at your establishment, the concept of placing wrapped, pre-packaged butter on the table should also be relegated to the past.  By offering Stirling Creamery™ farm fresh, sweet cream Butter Balls, you are making a statement as telling as the rich, clean taste that lingers on the palate.

Stirling Creamery Butterballs


Enjoy the creamery fresh goodness of Stirling Salted or Unsalted Butter in our individual serving butter spheres. Take dinner to the next level or make a memorable occasion all the more special with this elegant addition to your dinner table.

APPLICATION: Our golden butter balls make any meal feel restaurant quality. Serve it with fine bread and dinner chez vous becomes something out of the ordinary.






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