French Lemon Tart

January baking inspiration can be a bit of a struggle. As the Holiday season is typically packed full of indulgent treats and temptations, we’re now looking for refreshing flavours to kick-start us into 2017. The light, fresh taste of a lemon tart is just what we were searching for – and Alie over at BakingforFriends has shared her secrets to creating this classic.

 “The French inspire me, their style is a work of art and the flavours are simple yet complicated. They use the best ingredients possible and so much care and detail goes into mastering their art. So today, I bake a classic; a classic French Tart that is one of my favourite desserts, today I bake for me! Inspired by a country that truly is passionate in their (food) art!”

Our Churn 84 European Style Butter is, in our opinion at least, essential for the creation of a true French tart. The higher butterfat percentage allows for the authentic buttery flavours and rich texture in the base that truly sets this recipe apart. This is a simple recipe that retains its elegance through the use of classic ingredients. Top with whipped cream and some fresh berries, sit back & enjoy!

Full recipe available here. 

french lemon tart





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