Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival 2016

Nothing says signature Ontario cuisine more than a butter tart! And that is why there is an entire festival dedicated to the delicacy every year in June, hosted annually in Midland, a short 90-minute drive from Toronto.

We love butter – of course – which means the butter tart has a special place in our hearts. We packed up our Butter Bike and decided to hit the streets of Midland to celebrate alongside local bakers, chefs, families and foodies this weekend to marvel at the art of the (butter) tart. King Street was adorned with an endless array of bake sales, high quality artisan markets, delicious gourmet food and lots, and lots of butter tarts! Live entertainment and music, filled the streets, alongside carnival rides, circus acts and more. The day started out a little stormy, but that didn’t stop the crowds congregating….

best butter tart contest 2016

We set off to explore the festival and came across everything butter tart related, from the delicious to the daring. Yes, that is crickets on a butter tart! Somewhat surprisingly, they tasted great, if a little crunchy…

butter tart festival

Butter Tarts with….crickets?

As the morning passed, the clouds broke and the sunshine beamed down on the town, reflecting the sunny atmosphere of the festival. There was every flavour butter tart you could imagine, in all shapes and sizes. They even came in the form of a milkshake!

butter tart festival

Next stop: The Butter Bike! We set up on the streets of Midland to sample our delicious Churn 84 range of butters. This butter is just perfect for baking as the higher butterfat percentage reduces the water, intensifies the flavour, and creates the flakiest, tastiest tart you can imagine! Our butter fans agreed…

butter tart festival

Delicious fresh, crunchy French baguettes were generously provided by the local Georgian Bakery

Of course, it’s not all just fun and games…there’s some serious competition to be had at the Best Butter Tart Festival, as bakers put their tarts to the taste test to be awarded Ontario’s Best Butter Tart! The contest received 165 submissions by 69 amateur and professional bakers, who were judged by a panel of 24 judges. Unbelievably, two-time defending champion Diane Rogers of Doo Doo’s Bakery swept the top three spots in the Perfect Pairings category for professional bakers, and also received the best-in-show award. That certainly explains the ginormous queue outside her booth all day. Diane will now go on to compete in the Canadian Food Championships next month in Edmonton …. Watch this space! Congratulations to all the winners and participants; the standard of competition was incredibly impressive!  More information on the top home bakers and other category winners can be found here.

Photo courtesy of the Midland Mirror

Photo courtesy of the Midland Mirror

15,000+ people attended Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival according to the Midand Police Department, making their way through over 100,000 butter tarts! Were you part of the festivities? We’d love to hear how you enjoyed the day! Get in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest and be sure to tag your photographs using #BestButter.

We’re looking forward to the 2017 Best Butter Tart Festival already!





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