Posted on Eat Locally Blog Globally on November 28, 2012
by Sarah B. Hood

Back in March I had a chance to experiment with Stirling Creamery™’s Churn84™ butter, which has a higher butterfat content (84%) than most commercial butter. When I found out that the unsalted version of Churn84™ is now available in retail outlets, I asked for a sample so I could test-drive it in some Christmas cookies.

It’s packaged in 250-gram bars (a bit more than half a pound), and it doesn’t have a handy little slicing grid printed on the label like so many other brands of butter, so in order to measure it, I had to resort to the displacement method learned at my mother’s knee: fill a 4-cup measuring cup with cold water to the 2-cup mark. Drop in slabs of butter until the water rises to the 3-cup mark. As long as all the butter is immersed, there’s your cup!

As before, I noticed a real difference in the texture of the cake and cookie dough as I was working. The Churn84™ gives a much firmer, more elastic dough or batter than “normal” butter. You even notice while the butter is sitting at room temperature that it doesn’t sweat or start to melt at the edges so quickly.

I noticed a big advantage in the re-rolling of scraps of cookie dough once the first cookies had been cut out. Even in the fourth (and final) roll, the dough was still pliable and bonded well to itself rather than drying out and becoming unworkable,

The final product has a remarkable texture, something I noticed back in March. The cookies seem harder, but when you bite into them they yield to your teeth. They have a great mouthfeel.

Churn84™ is quite a bit more expensive than standard brands ($5.49 to $6.49 for 250 grams). However, if you’re someone who bakes for gifts, you may be interested in trying it, because I really think you’ll find it improves the texture and taste of butter-rich items like shortbread.

In Toronto, it’s available in The Art of Cheese, Fresh From the Farm, Summerhill Market, Baldwin Naturals, Fiesta Farms, The Healthy Butcher, Multiple Organics, Olliffe and Pusateri’s. (Check their site to confirm exactly which outlets currently have it in stock.)






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