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Frosted Sugar Cookies

Stirling Creamery Sugar Cookies We featured a delicious sugar cookies recipe before, but now it’s making a Spring time comeback – this time with added colour! Butter really is the star of the show with these cookies, and maybe that’s why we love ’em so much.

Everything Cookie Dough

Want to have fresh cookies on hand all of the time? Simple! Make this Everything Cookie Dough that goes perfectly with anything laying around your pantry! This dough is made up of all those leftover nuts, bits of chocolate, candy so you never have to throw out a thing: economic, and tasty all at the […]

Mini Egg Easter Cookies

Mini Egg Madness: Happy Easter! Easter comes early this year, and a lot of people are telling us that the break has snuck up on them! Let Stirling come to the rescue, with ideas and inspiration to get you into the spirit of the season. Chocolate Mini Eggs are everyone’s favourite treat, but you can […]

M&M Brownie Bites

Because everything is better with brownies… Here at Stirling Creamery, we are on an endless quest for perfection. To create our barrel churned butters, we use local, sweet cream, coupled with the talents of our Master Butter Maker and artisanal know-how to make what Saveur Magazine calls ‘one of the World’s 30 Great Butters.’ And […]

Whipped Shortbread Cookies

Simple, cost effective and easy to decorate, these Whipped Shortbread Cookies melt in your mouth with a sudden burst of buttery flavour! We’ve teamed up with TheLastCourse.ca to show you how to create this perfect holiday dessert… Stirling Churn 84 Butter is the star of this recipe, with it’s smooth and creamy texture. Because there […]





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