Valentines Day: Mini Espresso Cake with Rose Water and Butter Cream

Want to skip the overcrowded restaurants, excessive public displays of affection, and clichéd champagne proposals on Valentine’s Day? A cozy date night at home can be just as special! Netflix, a home-cooked meal and wine sound pretty perfect to us. And don’t worry—we’ve got dessert covered.

stirling creamery espresso cake

This adorable mini espresso chocolate cake recipe is perfect for two. Chocolate and espresso – our two loves (Other than butter, of course). Plus, this cake is topped with a light pink rosewater butter cream icing, so it fits in perfectly with a Valentine’s theme. And if pink’s a bit too much for you, it’s just food colouring—you can always dye it black if you’re feeling a little cynical this time of year…

Now, if you’ve never tasted or experimented baking with rosewater before, it can be a bit of… shall we say… a distinct flavour? It’s very floral and fragrant, and on it’s own it can taste like you’re drinking grandma’s perfume or hand cream. You don’t really want to be thinking about nana on Valentine’s Day. However, when balanced with the right combination of flavours—like the rich dark cocoa and bitter espresso in this recipe—rosewater can taste absolutely delectable. Chanel No. 5 never tasted so good!

This cake would be perfectly paired with some after dinner coffee. But if you’re looking for something a little stronger, it would also go great with some full-bodied, dark berry and oak forward cabernet sauvignon – or if you’re in the mood for something strong and sweet, perhaps a nice ruby port.

Here are some tips to make sure that your cake looks as good as it tastes, ands tastes as good as it looks:

  • Freeze the cake before icing it with the rosewater butter cream. When a cake is warm, it will be much more likely to leave crumbs throughout the icing (You can also brush away crumbs with a pastry brush)
  • Make sure that if you’re using brewed coffee instead of espresso, you brew it especially strong
  • When you’re adding the dry ingredients to the butter mixture, alternate with the coffee to ensure everything is blended together evenly
  • Use Stirling Creamery Churn 84 Unsalted Butter at room temperature for an easier blending process

valentines cake

We hope you enjoy this delicious cake, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. You can find more helpful tips and the full recipe over at Baking With Friends. Photos courtesy of Baking With Friends.





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